Girls Play Baseball

Many girls prefer Baseball to Softball...

Why are we signed up to this community site and if we are why aren't we talking?

Facebook dominates the conversation of Community on the Internet. There are some great reasons for this: the builders of Facebook do a terrific job building tools to expand our options for communicating with others, discovering other shared interests beyond the original reasons we connected with them: such as Baseball.

But, what if you want to keep the conversation specific to Girls who Play Baseball: without the sense that others, who are not essentially qualified, are peering or snooping without a true interest?

We mimic all of our activities on all of the current internet community sites: to the best of our ability. But, we also try and organize and focus in each what each community technology is best suited for.

This site is for direct and shared conversations about girls who play baseball and the families and other community members who support them.

I don't know about you, but, I want my conversations including Wall posts to be meaningful in Facebook. 9 out of 10 of everything coming into my Facebook accounts (I have one for Girls Baseball and one personal) is about as interesting, inspiring or meaningful as turning it off entirely which might become the solution.

So: please come up with interesting, inspiring or meaningful topics and share them with others on this site we can get the party started!

Also, I want to point you to another web site that is dedicated to Baseball and, as I am discussing here: allows for a much richer experience than Facebook seems to provide:

Warning: the site is really full of adult members though all of the content is rated G as far as I have discovered: there is nothing seemingly dangerous in kids participating, though it should be done with caution and common sense about how much to share about oneself with strangers on the internet.

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