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Greetings all! My 10 year old daughter has been playing baseball for three years. She wants to continue playing. She attends parochial school and her team will start playing in the local parochial league in the Spring. I have not yet contacted the league to plead her case with them. I can see by their web site that there are no other girls playing in the league. (My two older sons played in the league and we never encountered a girl.) She loves the game and actually is a very good player. Any recommendations on what is the best route to help her? I just can't stand telling her she can't continue playing the game because she is a girl...I want her to know she can do anything she sets her mind and effort toward achieving. Looking forward to your comments.

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Michelle, I live in Florida and my daughter plays in the PONY baseball league and has since she was 5. I don't know what state you live in but I do not believe that by law, anyone can keep her from playing. We always just sign her up and act like there is no difference. We have sent her to various camps and clinics and no one has ever said a word. (at least not to our faces) anyway, our daughter like yours loves baseball. She is playing softball as well now but she really would rather continue to play baseball. She says that it just isn't the same playing softball and I would hate it too if I had to tell her to stop playing baseball. Check to see if there are any baseball leagues for girls in your area too if this doesn't work out. I don't think that Men understand "you can't play because you are a girl". We really haven't come that far have we.

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